Artwork by Sameer Bhonsle

Artwork by Sameer Bhonsle

client testimonials

 Meryl Natchez —

Years ago I read a novel in which a woman went to Paris and got a perfect hair cut, one that truly brought out what was best in her. I'd been searching for years for that perfect hair cut. Then I found Veronica, who does it for me over and over again, each cut is really a work of art, and one that makes me look my best. She's a treasure!


Jackie Sullivan —

I have been a patron at Vero’s for many years. The stylists are exceptional. My haircuts are the best I have ever had; stylish, low maintenance in fact all I have to do is a quick brush in the morning, last for months and look great from appointment to appointment. No matter where I go, walking down the street, shopping even on a ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean, people, I don’t even know, frequently compliment me on my hair style.



Celia has been doing my hair since I moved to the Bay Area 3 years ago. I’ve been experimenting with color and styles for 20 years, and was delighted by Celia’s work. She’s creative and skillful. She thinks about new ideas I might like, and sends me pictures so we can plan together. And her work — my hair — regularly gets compliments from strangers. All that plus quiet charm in her conversation.


Maureen Alano —

Veronica Bohnsle, owner of Vero on College, has been my hair designer for 30 years. Veronica is one of those unique people who can touch and feel the heart and soul of everyone she comes in contact with and this is reflected in her work. She works with each of her clients to make them feel at their best - both inside and out. 


Jean Fineberg —

I have been going to Veronica for years, following her through 3 locations. I travel 15 miles to see her, and I wouldn't let anyone else touch my hair! She is a true artist who is passionate about her work.


Sue (Birdi) Burish —

After truth and love, pretty much everyone I know is on a desperate search for a great hair stylist. I’ve found that at Vero with the incomparable Veronica. We should all be so lucky. Her touch is magical and her work precise, innovative and absolutely attuned to the customer. And if you’re in the mood, her conversation is lively, wide ranging and global.


Carol Northrup —

I've followed Veronica for more than 20 years - from College Ave., to Jack London Square, and back to her beautiful shop on College. She's given me my look from the brown days through the silver. How good does it look? Strangers tell me, "You have beautiful hair!" Once, I came back from an Alaska cruise excursion from which everyone else looked like a junkyard dog and my coif was perfect. I could go on and on. What keeps me coming back, though, is the peace and quiet of the salon and Veronica herself. Friend and inspiration always.


Gail —

Hi Veronica - I just read your testimonials. Really, I am not capable of adding to these eloquent, thoughtful comments. So just add my name to your list of devoted, well-coiffed clients who are stopped on the street by strangers who notice your handiwork. 


Laurie Stern —

I love my hair! Really love it! Veronica has been cutting my hair for over 20 years and giving me a beautiful, artistic and asymetrical cut. It gives me confidence, simply. The last few years I have let my silver hair grow in and it was challenging to still feel unique and fun. Veronica experimented with keeping it mostly silver with some richer colors to accent it, and I absolutely love it! Everyone, especially the younger folks, comment that it looks great and it keeps me current and vibrant! Thanks, Veronica, you are great at your art!


Edward Kaplan —

I have been going to Vero for many years. Veronica knows the art and craft of her work very well. She helps you find that best style to fit your body and personality in a very relaxed and skillful way. The difference between one’s appearance before and after a visit with Veronica is remarkable. I highly recommend you give it a try and you will find that you keep coming back for years to come.


Patricia Raburn —

I found Malak over 10 years ago when she was at another shop and I followed her to Vero when she joined them in 2006. I used to live in Costa Rica and would still always have Malak cut and color my hair . She does an excellent job in color and is always helping me when I want to change my hair style just a bit. She also has helped me improve the quality and health of my hair. I have total trust in her!


Nathalie De Oliveira —

This is the second time I've had my Deva cut done by JaeMe, and it turned out perfect once again! The first time she saved my hair from a horrible hair cut I paid way more for elsewhere. She is the reason I flaunt my curls and get compliments every day. She is truly my stylist soulmate! Everyone there is so friendly, offer treats, and clients from other stylists at Vero for Hair seem to be just as happy with their do's too! Thank you!


Connie —

I've confidently put my hair in JaeMe's hands for the past 10+ years, and look forward to 10+ more! I recommend JaeMe to whomever is particular about her/his appearance and about maintaining healthy hair. She's truly the greatest!!