Designer Bios


Veronica Bhonsle

I was born in Bolivia and came to the US as a teenager. My journey with ‘hair’ started in southern California while I was studying English. While taking a course in cosmetology out of curiosity, I was captivated by the art of molding hair into shapes and colours.  I saw architecture in hair—the design and relationship with light and dimension.  This creative disposition about the art of cutting hair continues to be my passion to this day. I love to see how a cut and colour can transform the way a person looks and feels.

I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the pioneers in the industry and have over 30 years of experience as a designer and colourist. I opened my first salon in 1985. I am very grateful for the knowledge and personal growth I have gained over these past years.  Along with acquiring new skills in the art of hair design, I have learned through my conversations with my clients to understand the many sub-cultures they represent.  Along the way, I have also learned about people, business, art, nature, ancient techniques, politics, music and what I think is the most important—the human touch.

I am blessed to have like-minded people in the salon who share my passion and commitment to the art of hair design and enjoy working as a team to help our clients achieve the look that expresses their inner beauty.  I believe in being involved with the community and helping those in need, and I truly appreciate the loyalty and support of our clients over the decades.



Leslie Inthavong

My name is Leslie Inthavong. While my parents hail from Laos, I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Growing up I was always intrigued with the different hair styles and trends and eventually it inspired me to become a cosmetologist.

I moved to South Carolina and attended the Paul Mitchell School. This was a life changing experience for me because not only did it allow me to express my passion for the beauty industry, it also exposed me to many cultures and helped me develop a relationship with a variety of clientele.

After I graduated I decided to move back to the Bay Area where I felt I could best utilize the skills that I learned, and also gain new experiences and take on new challenges. Becoming a new team member at Vero has helped me realize that not only is it important to love what I do, but to also love the environment and the people I work with in order to be successful in what I love to do the most... making people feel good about themselves. Come and see me at Vero and I promise to listen to what you would like, and to work with your hair the best I can!



Celia Rivera

My love of all things art has led me to a career in hair styling.  From a young age, I was always very curious and intrigued about the outer world. Whether on a hike and exploring nature, doing photography and developing photos, or taking things apart and putting them back together, I’ve always been interested in learning how things are made and how they work. This hands-on approach and my ability to express myself creatively eventually led to experimenting with hair color and makeup. I took this one step further when I enrolled at Cinta Aveda in San Francisco.  

Born and raised in the Bay Area, joining Vero was an excellent choice for me. I have been able to improve my cosmetology craft while working with accomplished stylists who share the same passion as me. The salon environment has been very welcoming and inviting and I have been encouraged to express all types of my creativity. 

I have experience in both men and women haircuts, color and makeup. I strive to provide a comforting environment and ensure that my client's needs are met.




As a stylist here at Vero salon, one of my main goals is to perform at my best, and please you, the guest; second, is to enjoy the special time we have here together. Naturally, when both goals are achieved, I have provided the very best service I can offer. A veteran stylist of 30+ years, I have experience working with all types of hair textures, including multi-ethnic, and the super straight.
My working skills include hair cutting, colouring and styling, with an emphasis on weaving as a specialty. I am pleased to be the newest kid on the Vero block!



Jessica Earle

Jessica Earle is a bay area native with over 20 years of experience bringing out the beauty in people’s hair.  Although she works with all types of hair, as a “deva inspired” curly girl specialist, she has a deep understanding of the intricacies and challenges curly locks present.  If it’s hair colour you’re after, not a problem, bright or subtle she brings an artist’s eye and will work with you to find that magical shade. For the last 10 years, she has worked at Vero for Hair in Oakland and stays current through continued education courses.  Other than working on hair, Jessica is a nature lover, gardener, scuba diver and animal enthusiast.



Malak Niavarani

Hi, My name is Malak Niavarani, I have been doing hair for Vero salon since 2006 and I have been in the industry for the past twenty two years.




Mary Ann Fahey


To my beloved friends and family at Vero Salon after 29 years of practicing the art and profession of hairdressing it is with great emotion I say farewell. Words alone cannot express the heart felt gratitude that Vero has been a part of my journey for more than half of my career. We have loved, cried, celebrated, created, given back and dreamed together. And with such a diverse team of people believe me that did not come easily. Thanks to the passion and vision of Veronica, the persistence and organization of Gaby and Celia and the participation, creativity, hard work  and sacrifice of the entire team, we participated together in the making of warm memories with one another and clients as well as shared our successes by giving back to the community many times over.

It has taken me 7 years to move on from hairdressing afterchanging careers to the nursing profession.  I am now embarking upon a graduate degree and nurse practitioner license and have been faced with the excruciating decision to lay down the shears and the paint brush.


Gabriela Guerrero


Born and raised in Lima-Peru, I came to the United States as a teenager. After graduating High School and taking odd jobs, an opening at Vero crossed my path. I have now been working at the salon for about 6 years. I manage the retail area and reception. I am currently pursuing a degree in Communication Disorders at SFSU. Balancing school and work has been challenging, the team here at Vero has proved to be one of my biggest support systems. I have been blessed with working with a great team who has helped shape the person I am today by sharing their knowledge and advise, giving me great insight into life. It is a pleasure meeting each and every client that comes through Vero. I learn and grow with each interaction and hope I can be of service on your next visit to the salon.

"While working at Vero for almost 7 years I completed my degree in the Special Education field. While I no longer work there, I miss the team dearly and  try to visit as often as I can."




(Not taking clients at this time due to living out of state.)

I have been a hairstylist since 1992. I specialize in hair cutting of all hair textures for men and women. My techniques and philosophy in haircutting and finishing come from Vidal Sassoon. I colour and hi-lite with Framesi hair colouring products.