Mary Ann Fahey

To my beloved friends and family at Vero Salon after 29 years of practicing the art and profession of hairdressing it is with great emotion I say farewell. Words alone cannot express the heart felt gratitude that Vero has been a part of my journey for more than half of my career. We have loved, cried, celebrated, created, given back and dreamed together. And with such a diverse team of people believe me that did not come easily. Thanks to the passion and vision of Veronica, the persistence and organization of Gaby and Celia and the participation, creativity, hard work  and sacrifice of the entire team, we participated together in the making of warm memories with one another and clients as well as shared our successes by giving back to the community many times over.

It has taken me 7 years to move on from hairdressing afterchanging careers to the nursing profession.  I am now embarking upon a graduate degree and nurse practitioner license and have been faced with the excruciating decision to lay down the shears and the paint brush.