Gabriela Guerrero

Born and raised in Lima-Peru, I came to the United States as a teenager. After graduating High School and taking odd jobs, an opening at Vero crossed my path. I have now been working at the salon for about 6 years. I manage the retail area and reception. I am currently pursuing a degree in Communication Disorders at SFSU. Balancing school and work has been challenging, the team here at Vero has proved to be one of my biggest support systems. I have been blessed with working with a great team who has helped shape the person I am today by sharing their knowledge and advise, giving me great insight into life. It is a pleasure meeting each and every client that comes through Vero. I learn and grow with each interaction and hope I can be of service on your next visit to the salon.

"While working at Vero for almost 7 years I completed my degree in the Special Education field. While I no longer work there, I miss the team dearly and  try to visit as often as I can"